Richard McMurry

Richard, currently residing in Northern Virginia, is a distinguished artist with formal training from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. His expertise lies in classical oil painting, with a profound specialization in landscapes. For Richard, the atmospheric perspective is not just a technique but a pivotal element that breathes life into his art. He masterfully manipulates various elements of design such as line, color, shape, pattern, texture, scale, value, and direction to craft the illusion of depth, inviting viewers into the serene horizons of his harmonious compositions.

Nature serves as Richard's primary muse, yet he draws significant inspiration from urban environments. Cities like Washington, DC, and New York City fascinate him, not just for their architecture but for their unique interplay of light and reflection, which he considers akin to nature's own. By incorporating translucent pigments among other paints, Richard captures the elusive reflective qualities inherent in urban landscapes.

Currently, Richard is channeling his creativity into a captivating series of super stylized landscape paintings featuring fan trees—a testament to his innovative spirit. He meticulously selects urban scenes that incorporate foliage, whether it be adorning the foreground or the backdrop, infusing his work with a vibrant, dynamic energy. This ongoing project underscores Richard's relentless pursuit of blending the natural with the urban, marking him as an artist continually evolving and pushing the boundaries of classical and contemporary art.