Our story

Welcome to Victor Gallery, a family-owned business with over a century of experience in curating unique and rare antique rugs, vintage rugs, tapestries, and fine arts from around the world.

Our legacy begins with Moossa Mashihi, who founded the Mashihi family Art & Rug business in 1916 in Egypt. Moossa's expertise in Persian rugs earned him a reputation as a trusted supplier to many decorators and royal families, and his passion for the arts extended to European tapestries. Upon his passing in 1975, Victor's father became the head of the Mashihi collections, expanding the business and deepening the family's commitment to humanitarianism.

Victor's grandparents (standing in the center) at the grand reception for the late Shah's wedding with Princess Fawziah, King Farouk's sister, held at Cairo's King Palace. The reception was attended by dignitaries and celebrities of the time, including Victor's grandparents.

Today, Victor Mashihi leads our family business, traveling extensively to renew and expand our collection of rare antique and vintage rugs, tapestries, and fine arts from around the world. Our showroom locations in New York and Washington, DC, allow us to act as trusted consultants and appraisers for important estates.

As a family-owned business, we value preserving history and telling the story of cultures and civilizations throughout time. Our collection offers a glimpse into the past and a window to the future, where our clients can create their own unique stories. We are committed to providing exceptional service and expertise to help clients enhance their spaces with the perfect piece.

Explore our vast collection of fine antique rugs, vintage rugs, tapestries, and fine arts at Victor Gallery. We take pride in offering renowned clientele throughout the United States and abroad the opportunity to discover the beauty and history behind each piece.