Miroslava Romanova

Miroslava Romanova, a Ukrainian-born American painter, is a distinctive voice in the contemporary art scene, operating from her studio in The Navy Yard, Brooklyn. With a career spanning over a decade in New York City, Romanova has forged a unique path, blending the macabre with the beautiful through her deep engagement with medical pathology as an unconventional muse. This choice of inspiration, far from the ordinary, has endowed her art with a profound depth, oscillating between darkness and allure, marking her as a daring voice amid the artistic milieu.

I See You Everywhere,Oil on canvas, 2023, 44" x 58"

Romanova's journey in art commenced with a bold use of unconventional materials, echoing the avant-garde movements that revolutionized the early 20th century. Her creations challenge the viewer, intertwining beauty with discomfort and reflecting her deep dive into human vulnerability and resilience. Inspired by the philosophical musings of literary giants such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Franz Kafka, and Arthur Schopenhauer, Romanova’s work explores the complexities of self-identification, self-acceptance, duality, and the nuanced spectrum of human experiences.

Wish You Were Here, Oil on canvas, 2023, 50" x 50"

Her art is a critique of contemporary, globalist, and consumer-oriented values, advocating for a revival of genuine sincerity. Through her canvases, Romanova invites the audience to ponder the intricacies of human nature, urging a quest for true meaning beyond the superficial layers of modern society. She stands as a beacon for introspection, challenging individuals to explore the essence of their existence and the depth of their being in today’s complex social fabric.

Moonrise, Oil on canvas, 2023, 30" x 30"

Romanova's fascination with the visceral elements of medical pathology transcends mere shock value, employing it as a metaphor for the internal complexities and frailties of the human psyche. This juxtaposition of beauty and the grotesque compels the viewer to confront their vulnerabilities and the uncomfortable truths of mortality, echoing the existential dilemmas highlighted by her literary inspirations. Her work is a dialogue between the history of art and contemporary societal themes, a fusion that critiques the present-day globalist and consumer-oriented values while urging a return to authentic emotional and human connections.

Her commitment to addressing the controversial, unclear, or edgy themes is not merely an artistic endeavor but a philosophical quest to unearth the layers of human existence, finding beauty in the most unexpected places. Romanova’s work is a celebration of the human spirit's resilience, the beauty in vulnerability, and an invitation to solace in self-awareness. In a world where genuine human experiences often take a backseat to digital personas and consumerist lifestyles, Miroslava Romanova emerges as an artist who dares to reveal the raw, unfiltered essence of humanity, making her a profound and influential figure in contemporary art.