Maya Frank

Maya Frank's life is a remarkable journey of resilience, creativity, and triumph over adversity. Born and raised in what is now Turkmenistan, part of the former Soviet Union, Maya's early years were characterized by modest means but a loving family environment. Her parents, both surgeons, introduced her to the worlds of medicine and research, inadvertently setting the stage for her future artistic endeavors.

Fireworks, Abstract mixed media, 2020

Despite the love and security within her family and their professional environments, Maya faced significant challenges outside this cocoon. School life was harsh, marked by bullying and ridicule from her peers, which led to a deeply affected self-esteem. Yet, it was through these trials that Maya's indomitable spirit began to shine. She immersed herself in dance, art, stage, clothing, and jewelry design, finding solace and rebuilding her spirit through creative expression.

Sunrise, Mixed media, 2020

Following in her parents' footsteps, Maya pursued medical school, continuing to engage in her artistic passions. After earning her medical degree, the fall of the Iron Curtain prompted a move to Israel, where she expanded her academic and professional horizons with a degree in Criminology and Sociology. This new field gave her deeper insights into the human psyche and the impact of life experiences on individuals' paths.

Les Bulles de Champagne, Mixed media, 2020

While in Israel, Maya also worked as a Makeup Artist, transforming her clients' self-esteem and embodying the belief that every face is a canvas for artistic expression. This role not only helped others but also played a crucial part in rebuilding her own self-worth.

However, life presented more hurdles. Maya's move to the U.S. brought new beginnings but also new challenges, including a devastating divorce and the tragic loss of her father. These events plunged her into severe depression, yet her resilience never waned. Drawing on her lifelong independence and the skills honed from childhood, she began creating furniture and selling it, providing for her family against all odds.

Blue Moon, 2020

Out of these trials, "The Mind of an Artist, Expressionist Creations" by Maya Frank was born. Her art became a conduit for her despair and hope, leading to the establishment of Art For Cause Inc. Through this venture, Maya has committed to supporting charitable causes, particularly the Hope for Depression Research Foundation, aligning her belief in the power of art to save lives with her actions.

Humanity, Mixed media, 2020

Maya Frank's story is a testament to the power of resilience, creativity, and the human spirit's capacity to overcome adversity. Through her life's work, she not only transforms materials into art but also channels her experiences into a force for positive change, inspiring others facing their own battles.