Luisa López Celada

Luisa López Celada, a distinguished artist hailing from Spain, has carved her niche in the art world through a journey marked by perseverance, exploration, and innovation. Born and raised in Spain, she embarked on her academic journey at the Complutense University of Bellas Artes in Madrid, where she honed her artistic skills and acquired a Master of Fine Arts degree. Her exceptional talent was recognized early on, evident from the National Painting Award she received at just 12 years old, followed by the prestigious FULBRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP. This accolade opened doors for her in New York City, where she completed her Masters at Pratt Institute, marking the beginning of a successful career in art.

Spring, Oil on Canvas, 20" x 16"

Before fully immersing herself in the art world, Luisa showcased her creative prowess in advertising as an Art Director at McCann Erickson, where she developed comprehensive design strategies for international accounts. Her ability to influence perceptions through art became apparent as she led campaigns for a diverse client base, including governmental and financial institutions.

A turning point came in 2010 when Luisa faced a health challenge, leading her to close her Communications Firm and delve into a personal and artistic exploration. Her journey revealed the therapeutic power of art, prompting studies in Art Therapy and validating her belief in art's ability to heal and transform lives.

Cosmic Alignment, Acrylic on canvas, 72.5" x 57"

Luisa has been an active member of the art community, serving as the President of The Women in Design Group at The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) in New York. Her dedication to painting never wavered, receiving numerous RED DOT AWARDS for her work at The Arts Students League (ASL) under the mentorship of the renowned artist Robert Cenedella.

Since 2012, Luisa has been painting full-time from her studio in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, exhibiting her work in prestigious galleries and shows, including Art Basel Miami, where her unique thematic paintings earned critical acclaim. Her art, known for addressing contemporary and global issues, is found in prominent international collections and exhibited alongside celebrated artists in the global art market.

Artist Statement
Luisa López Celada’s paintings emerge from a deep connection with the cosmos and her inner emotions, serving as a conduit for introspection and the expression of collective consciousness. Her art-making process is therapeutic, focusing not on the creation of an object but on channeling creative energy for healing and enlightenment. Luisa’s intuitive use of oil paint, employing brushes, palette knives, or even her hands, allows her to process her feelings deeply and authentically.


Portals of Magic, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 30"

Her work reflects a commitment to sparking meaningful conversations about human tensions, climate change, migrant crises, and women's rights. Her series "Human Conflict," showcased at Art Basel Miami 2015, was hailed for its unique engagement with pressing global issues, underscoring her role as a thought leader in the art world.

Atienza, Oil on Canvas, 18" x 15"

Awards & Exhibitions
Luisa’s artistic excellence has been recognized through numerous awards, including the Fulbright Scholarship, Red Dot Award from The Art Students League, New York City Artist Corps Grant, and the National Painting Prize from Caja de Ahorros Provincial de Guadalajara. Her works have been featured in significant solo and group exhibitions, such as Art Basel Miami, The Art Students League of New York, Gallery Rene Mele, Buddy Warren Gallery, and Fuel, NY, among others.