Ivan Da Silva Bruhns

Ivan Da Silva Bruhns: A Master of Art and Rug Weaving

Early Life and Career
Ivan Da Silva Bruhns, born in Paris in 1881 to Brazilian parents, had a unique journey before becoming the renowned rug artist we know today. Initially, he pursued studies in biology and medicine, even serving as a doctor during World War 1. However, his true passion lay in the realm of art and painting.

The Artistic Transition
In the 1920s, Da Silva Bruhns made a pivotal decision to leave his medical career behind and focus solely on his artistic endeavors. He became acquainted with famous Art Deco artists of his time and developed a style influenced by cubism, inspired by the works of Picasso. What set him apart was his deep interest in non-Western art, which eventually led him to the world of rug weaving.

The Rise to Fame
During the 1920s and 1930s, Ivan Da Silva Bruhns gained international recognition for his unique rug designs. His vintage rugs were featured in the prestigious Paris Exposition Coloniale, an international exhibition for modern decorative arts.

Evolution of his Rug Designs
Da Silva Bruhns' rug designs evolved over time. In his early years, he incorporated elements of cubism into his work, characterized by bold lines, large overlapping geometric patterns, and vibrant complementary colors. By 1925, he had already achieved global acclaim, winning first prize in textiles at the International Exposition for Decorative Arts in Paris, France. He established his own workshop in Savigny-Sur-Orge, where he exclusively focused on his rug weaving craft.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Da Silva Bruhns ventured into a more personal and experimental style. Rejecting artistic norms, he created rugs with simplistic designs, large fields of single neutral colors, and minimalist abstract patterns. He even pushed boundaries by weaving non-conforming shapes, blending round and square elements, and redefining Art Deco in rug design. His rugs bore either cryptic monogram signatures or his full name, reflecting his artistic evolution.

Legacy and Impact
Ivan Da Silva Bruhns continued his work, crafting luxury rugs throughout his life. However, World War 2 temporarily halted sales of his creations. To this day, rugs woven by Ivan Da Silva Bruhns remain highly coveted and are considered some of the most important decorative antique rug art pieces.