François Bonnel

François Bonnel is an abstract artist currently residing and creating in the vibrant city of Toulouse, France. His journey into the world of art began in 2018, following a successful 25-year career as an advertising executive. Since then, he has poured his passion into art and photography, forging a unique and captivating artistic path.

Artistic Approach:
François Bonnel's artistic approach is marked by spontaneity and exploration. He fearlessly dives into a multitude of techniques and mediums, often incorporating digital media, photography, and collage into his creative process. The fervent joy he derives from art is palpable in every piece he produces. His work exudes a candid simplicity of line, shape, and color, transcending any specific message and instead, allowing his passion for art to shine unencumbered.

Collections and Exhibitions:
François Bonnel's art has earned its place in esteemed permanent collections, including the Harvard Art Museum, Louis Vuitton (New York), L’Oréal, and Longchamp. His work has also graced the walls of numerous galleries and exhibitions around the world.

Artistic Philosophy:
François Bonnel's philosophy on art is refreshingly simple: "Painting is a pure pleasure. I do not paint to transmit a message or a philosophy; it is almost a selfish act." His inspiration is drawn from his everyday surroundings and the music that fills his life. This musicality often finds its way into his creations, resulting in a distinct personal painting language that communicates emotional memories through elements such as shape, color, line, and space.

Artistic Style:
In François Bonnel's work, geometric blocks, both blank and vibrantly colored, coexist in harmony. Delicate lines and bold blocks of color create a striking contrast, evoking soothing and positive emotions through the interplay of hues and forms. His art is a journey of overlapping colors and lines that transform raw emotions into visual narratives.

Intersection solo show by François Bonnel - Studio artist

François Bonnel's abstract art is a testament to the power of pure passion and creativity. His ability to capture emotions and translate them into visual experiences is nothing short of remarkable. Explore his work and embark on a journey of color, line, and emotion.