Benjamin Ewing

Benjamin Ewing is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1993, based in Portland, Oregon. His artistic journey is marked by a transition from editorial photography and print design to painting, sculpture, and lighting design. This evolution is guided by his exploration of visual principles and the power of materials, all aimed at providing a deeper understanding of ourselves through art.

Portrait by Caleb Gaskins

Ewing's current artistic focus centers around three main mediums:

Oil Painting: Benjamin Ewing's oil paintings are a testament to his skill in working with color, texture, and emotion. His canvases are known for their vibrant hues and intricate brushwork, which bring his imagination to life. These paintings invite viewers to immerse themselves in the rich and evocative worlds he creates on canvas.

Stone Sculpture: In his stone sculptures, Ewing delves into the raw and inherent beauty of natural materials. Each sculpture he creates is a harmonious fusion of form and substance, showcasing his profound connection with the sculptural medium. His sculptures likely explore themes, concepts, or emotions through the manipulation of stone.

Lighting Design: Benjamin Ewing's venture into lighting design adds a dynamic dimension to his artistic repertoire. His creations not only serve the practical purpose of illuminating spaces but also contribute to creating a unique ambiance that resonates with his artistic vision. Lighting in his work may play a vital role in setting the mood and enhancing the overall experience of his art installations or spaces.

Rug, 10' x 13'

Ewing's artistic practice seems to be deeply rooted in experimentation and a continuous exploration of how various mediums and materials can inform and enrich each other. By moving across disciplines, he seeks to develop a visual language that helps us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. His multidisciplinary approach allows him to express his creativity in diverse ways, making him a versatile and intriguing artist in the contemporary art scene.