Antonine de Saint Pierre

Antonine de Saint Pierre, a gifted artist born in 1974, calls the vibrant Paris region her birthplace, workplace, and artistic sanctuary. Her artistic journey is a fascinating exploration into the dynamic world of large-scale steel sculptures, deeply rooted in her profound admiration for the artistic movements of the 1950s and 1960s.

Early Inspirations: Antonine's artistic odyssey began with an intense fascination for the artistry of the 50s and 60s, which not only captivated her but also served as a wellspring of inspiration. These transformative decades in the art world left an indelible mark on her creative spirit and continue to influence her work.

Emergence: What began as a personal endeavor to create sculptures and bas-reliefs for her own interior swiftly evolved into something more profound. Her innovative and distinctive approach to crafting steel sculptures garnered the attention of gallery owners and antique dealers, all of whom recognized the extraordinary nature of her work.

Antonine is in the process of creating her artwork.

Distinctive Artistry: Antonine's art is an elegant dance of steel, reinterpreting and celebrating the essence of femininity. Her work reflects a unique mastery of metal cutting sculpture—a defining feature of her distinctive style. Over time, she embarked on her own artistic journey, distancing herself from the influences of her early works and boldly venturing into uncharted creative territories.

A Unique Voice: Today, Antonine de Saint Pierre stands as a distinctive voice in the world of contemporary art. Her portfolio is a testament to her evolution as an artist, showcasing her commitment to self-discovery and her profound exploration of metal sculpture as a powerful medium of expression.

Mobile sculpture " Phenix" , painted steel sheets sculpture. Gabel Gallery

Antonine's captivating artworks invite you to delve into her world of creativity, where steel comes alive with elegance, beauty, and emotion. Experience her profound artistic journey and discover the remarkable fusion of past and present in her creations.

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