Luxury Apartment at Steinway Tower

Our team at Victor Gallery worked closely with the interior designer to select the perfect rugs and tapestries that would complement the luxurious and modern design of the apartment. We carefully curated a collection of high-quality rugs and tapestries from around the world, including hand-knotted Persian rugs, vintage Turkish kilims, and contemporary designs from top designers.

Feast your eyes on these exquisite rugs! The tapestry draws inspiration from a captivating piece by the renowned painter Albert Gleizes, dating all the way back to 1925. Meanwhile, the Art Deco silk rug exudes luxury and sophistication, completing the elegant aesthetic of the space. These stunning pieces were provided by us at Victor Gallery, and are a testament to their commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

The rugs and tapestries were strategically placed throughout the apartment to create a cohesive and inviting space. In the living room, a stunning Persian rug was placed underneath the sleek and modern furniture to add warmth and texture to the space. In the bedroom, a vintage Turkish kilim was used as a unique accent piece that added character and style to the room.

The master bedroom is enveloped in cream-colored curtains for a spectacular yet intimate effect. Integrated bedside lamps in the custom-made headboard illuminate the circular cutouts. An Art Deco rosewood chair upholstered in blue velvet (Albert Joseph Gallery) adds a touch of elegance.

Additionally, we also provided custom-made tapestries for the walls, which were carefully crafted to complement the overall design of the apartment. Our team worked with skilled artisans to create unique and beautiful pieces that were tailored to the client's specific preferences and requirements.

Large 1970s Italian wall sconces by Carlo Nason (Mazzega) are positioned above the bed in the central bedroom, emphasizing the height of the space with their transparent, geometric design. This echoes the fused glass tables in the living room, creating a cohesive design throughout the apartment.

Overall, our team's attention to detail and expertise in sourcing high-quality rugs and tapestries ensured that the Luxury Apartment at Steinway Tower was transformed into a stunning and luxurious living space that our client was thrilled with.

We are thrilled to announce that our team at Victor Gallery was featured in Ad magazine's French issue for our work on the Luxury Apartment at Steinway Tower. Our collaboration with the interior designer resulted in a sophisticated and elegant living space that seamlessly combines modern and luxurious design elements.