Emile Gilioli: Sculpting Resilience and Peace in Post-War Europe

ÉMILE GILIOLI (1911 –1977)

Émile Gilioli, a distinguished figure in 20th-century European art, is celebrated for his monumental sculptures and intricate engravings that adorn public spaces, memorials, and galleries across the continent. Born in Paris in 1911, Gilioli’s artistic journey was deeply intertwined with the socio-political landscape of post-war Europe, with his works often echoing themes of peace, resistance, and human resilience.

Gilioli’s sculptures, distinguished by their abstract forms and fluid lines, stand as a testament to his mastery over materials such as stone, metal, and marble. His capacity to convey potent emotions through seemingly simple shapes distinguished him in the realm of modern sculpture. Beyond his large-scale installations, Gilioli’s engravings and smaller sculptures showcased his versatility and his dedication to exploring various mediums and techniques.

Throughout his illustrious career, Gilioli collaborated with various artists and ateliers, pushing the boundaries of art and design. His works stand not only asindividual masterpieces but also as reflections of the broader artistic movements of his time, navigating through abstraction to modernism.

For enthusiasts of Gilioli’s evocative style, Victor Gallery, located at 232 East 59th Street, NY, presents a rareopportunity. The gallery proudly houses significant tapestries from this artist, including the currently showcased "Le Galet" tapestry, made in collaboration with the prestigious Atelier Pinton, standing as a testament to Gilioli's enduring influence on textile art. Additionally, Victor Gallery offers a curated collection of rugs and tapestries inspired by Gilioli’s style, allowing art enthusiasts to experience the essence of his artistic vision in diverse forms.

Available Tapestry at Victor Gallery:

"Le Galet" by Émile Gilioli

Documentation: Available with acquisition
Origin: France
Period: 1950-1979
Materials: Handwoven wool tapestry
Condition: Excellent, with vivid, original colors and no restorations.
Creation Date: c. 1970

Tapestry Context:
"Le Galet" translates to "small stone" in English. This tapestry may have been influenced by Gilioli's "Le Galet" sculpture, a stunning golden piece. Much like the moon and other earth elements, the tapestry offers a unique abstract interpretation, exuding the essence of nature and the cosmos while maintaining an enigmatic charm.

Tapestry Details:

Title: Le Galet

Signature: "Gilioli" - A Unique Piece

Dimensions: 138 x 175 cm; 4.6 x 5.8

Edition: 1Year: circa. 1970

Weaver: Atelier Pinton Aubusson

About the Atelier:

Atelier Pinton is renowned for seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with contemporary design, blending diverse materials such as metal threads or lurex with traditional wool or silk threads locally sourced. Pinton Éditions, with its legacy of devotion to contemporary art, has woven masterpieces for legends like Charles Le Brun, Fernand Léger, and Calder. Presently, the atelier collaborates with contemporary visionaries like Jean-Michel Othoniel and Etel Adnan, offering them an ever-evolving, stimulating workspace.