Pinton Frères (Pinton Atelier): Weaving Excellence and Artistic Collaboration

In the esteemed realm of tapestry-making, Pinton Frères, also known as Pinton Atelier, emerges as a beacon of excellence, intertwining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary artistic vision. Nestled in the historic tapestry town of Aubusson, France, the atelier has, for generations, been a nexus where the meticulous art of weaving converges with the imaginative creations of artists.

Founded in 1867 by Alexandre Pinton, the atelier has been handed down through generations, each bringing a new wave of innovation while preserving the rich heritage of Aubusson tapestry-making. Pinton Frères has not only sustained the traditional techniques that have defined Aubusson tapestries for centuries but has also been a pioneering force in collaborating with artists to create modern masterpieces in woven form.

The atelier’s collaborations with artists have been characterized by a deep respect for the original work and a masterful ability to translate painterly beauty into woven tapestry. Pinton has worked with a myriad of artists, from the historically renowned to contemporary visionaries, translating their artworks into large-scale, handwoven tapestries that resonate with the depth and detail of the original pieces.

Pinton’s tapestries are a harmonious blend of artistic and technical mastery. The atelier’s weavers, with their profound understanding of color, texture, and technique, bring to life the artists’ visions in a medium that is both historic and refreshingly new. From the initial design to the final weave, every step is a testament to Pinton’s dedication to quality and artistic integrity.

One such notable tapestry is "Le Galet" by Émile Gilioli, a piece that beautifully encapsulates the synergy between artist and weaver. This exquisite tapestry, currently housed at Victor Gallery, is a testament to the collaborative spirit and unparalleled craftsmanship that defines Pinton Atelier. "Le Galet" is not merely a representation of Gilioli’s work but a standalone masterpiece, where the texture and weave bring a new dimension to the artist’s creation.

Victor Gallery is proud to present "Le Galet" to collectors and art enthusiasts, offering a unique opportunity to delve into therich tapestry of collaborative art created by Émile Gilioli and Pinton Atelier. This piece, along with others in the gallery, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy and continued excellence of Pinton Frères, weaving together threads of history, art,and unparalleled craftsmanship.

For those who wish to explore the intricate beauty of "Le Galet" and other tapestries, Victor Gallery extends a warm invitation to experience the woven masterpieces that have emerged from the esteemed looms of Pinton Atelier.

Available Tapestry at Victor Gallery: "Le Galet" by Émile Gilioli

Documentation: Available with acquisition
Origin: France
Period: 1950-1979
Materials: Handwoven wool tapestry
Condition: Excellent, with vivid, original colors and no restorations.
Creation Date: c. 1970

Tapestry Context: "Le Galet" translates to "small stone" in English. This tapestry may have been influenced by Gilioli's "Le Galet" sculpture, a stunning golden piece. Much like the moon and other earth elements, the tapestry offers a unique abstract interpretation, exuding the essence of nature and the cosmos while maintaining an enigmatic charm.

Tapestry Details:

Signature: "Gilioli" -A Unique Piece
Dimensions: 138 x 175 cm; 4.6 x 5.8
Edition: 1
Year: circa. 1970
Weaver: Atelier Pinton Aubusson

About the Atelier:

Atelier Pinton is renowned for seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with contemporary design, blending diverse materials such as metal threads or lurex with traditional wool or silk threads locally sourced. Pinton Éditions, with its legacy of devotion to contemporary art, has woven masterpieces for legends like Charles Le Brun, Fernand Léger, and Calder. Presently, the atelier collaborates with contemporary visionaries like Jean-Michel Othoniel and Etel Adnan, offering them an ever-evolving, stimulating workspace.